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Why use Alternative Fuels for Power or Heat?

It is a fact that humanity must reduce it’s reliance on fossil fuels and embrace renewable, such and wind and solar. Important among these renewables are BioEnergy and Waste to Energy (WtE) which provide steady, reliable generation of heat and power. The generation of electrical power can be through traditional combustion cycles, or with more advanced gasification / pyrolysis technology.

Biomass power can be produced utilising Virgin Wood, Waste Wood (unrecyclable Grades B, C & D), Straw and other agricultural by-products.

WtE can be generated using waste derived fuels such as RDF (Residue Derived Fuel) & SRF (Secondary Recovered Fuel). These are produced from waste recycling centres as a waste product of unrecyclable paper, cardboard, plastics and other combustible materials. These materials are diverted from landfill and using them as fuel can provide a quick Return on Investment due to Land Fill taxes.

Benefits of greater efficiency

Once of the benefits of BioEnergy and WtE is that they can be designed and built as Combined Heat & Power plants (CHP), generating electrical power and industrial process / district heating. This is an extremely efficient way to produce energy and is widely used in small to medium plants across Europe.

  • Baseload Power, the energy output does not fluctuate due to weather conditions
  • Can be generated close to the consumer, reducing transmission losses
  • CHP can provide energy efficiencies > 90%
  • Energy can be generated from locally sourced fuel
Markinch CHP Twin Enmass Conveyors
Markinch CHP Storage Silos with rotary TubeFeeder Dischargers
Extensive Project Portfolio

Saxlund have a long track record of working with Energy companies and Project Developers to design and deliver Alternative Fuel Handling systems. We understand the requirements and issues that these clients have and provide robust, flexible systems able to handle the difficult and variable fuels utilised to provide

  • Reception of fuel
  • Screening
  • Conveying
  • Storage & discharge
  • Weighing / feeding to boiler / gasifier

Having Saxlund as your delivery partner will provide you with proven engineering team, with industry leading technology. We are able to deliver systems that can handle different fuel types giving future flexibility as fuel availability changes.

Return on Investment

With performance and availability being essential with such a key part of investment in Alternative Fuels, obtaining a system that provides these requirements will allow a quick Return on Investment and contribute to carbon reduction commitments.

Economic Benefits

With the adoption of Alternative Fuels, Energy companies are seeing the benefit of using lower cost fuels,  and in countries / regions with a Landfill Tax, the cost of the fuel can be negative! The Energy company is paid to dispose of waste derived fuel, diverting this from landfill and using this in place of fossil fuel.

Push Floor Discharger
The various types of alternative fuels
Types of Alternative Fuel
  • Alternative fuels are generally processed unrecyclable materials which have been diverted from landfill or are an agricultural waste product.
  • The benefits are that these fuels will tend to have a very low (or negative) cost, and will displace emissions from fossil fuels.
  • By their nature these fuels can be variable in quality, behaviour, moisture content and calorific value and will be difficult to convey, store, discharge and accurately dose into the fuel stream.

Fuels that are widely used include –

  • Virgin Wood
  • Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
  • Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF)
  • Waste Wood
  • Tyre Derived Fuel.
  • Meat & Bone Meal (MBM)
  • Impregnated Sawdust
  • Agricultural Waste
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Oil Seeds and Sludge
  • Chemical Residues
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