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Aftermarket Service and Maintenance

Maintenance contracts can be offered to the client for both single machines as well as for complete systems to try to ensure that their asset will remain in service and function as designed for its design life or longer. Spare and wear parts are also dealt with as and when required with relevant costs and charges given to the client prior to the commencement of the works. The client is also obliged to follow the relevant instructions as given in the O&M (Operation and Maintenance) Manual.

Spare Parts

A Spares List with recommended and critical items identified is always produced as a part of the O&M Manual for the convenience of the client. Our Spare Parts Department is always available to arrange the supply and delivery of whatever parts are required and rapid delivery is arranged when necessary. For ‘shutdown’ work, we generally suggest that the client should obtain certain items that may be found necessary to ensure a smooth and trouble free operation.

A basic inventory of important spare parts and parts subject to regular wear and tear is fundamental for the availability of a plant. After a plant inspection, the Saxlund specialists will gladly review what parts should be in stock. If necessary, Saxlund will obtain those parts, which are not expedient for the customer’s inventory, quickly and reliably. And if desired, the Saxlund technicians would also take over the exchange and commissioning.

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