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Truck Loading Systems

Saxlund have delivered over the years a number of Truck Loading solutions, primarily for the Waste Water Industry, however also for animal feed.


The Waste Water market has developed over the years, and currently the majority of UK water companies are looking to develop Advanced Digestion schemes to maximise the energy produced during the digestion process and produce a clean end product suitable for disposal to land.


As part of this drive, there is a tendency to develop centralised Advanced Digestion Centres, with satellite sites to feed them. These satellite sites require facilities to load sludge cake into trucks.


Typically these silos will provide 3 days of live silo storage, either supported above the roadway to load directly into the trucks, or on shorter legs, next to the roadway with a transfer conveyor.


Saxlund can deliver a complete project, from receiving material from centrifuges / plate presses,belt presses via shaftless screws. Then pump or convey the cake into the silo. The package can also include the complete controls package and cabling.

Saxlund Truck Loading Silos


Typical sizes - 50 - 1000m3


Discharge Rates - 5 - 150m3/hr


Advantages of a Saxlund System

  • Robust Proven Saxlund Sliding Frame Technology
  • Hundreds of Plants Worldwide
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Metered material discharge into Trucks
  • Flat bottom silos are economic to manufacture and maximize storage capacity
  • UK engineering & service team