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A-Frame Large Scale Storage Systems

When the project requires a large volume of wood chip storage, the most cost effective method to achieve this is to use an A-Frame storage system.


With the Saxlund TubeFeeder® solution we offer a very different method of material reclaim, which benefically impacts the cost of a the A-Frame building. As the TubeFeeder® does not impart any axial loading on the building due to its design, the construction of an A-Frame to house TubeFeeders® can be designed much more cost effectively. The building can then be designed to any length to achieve the storage volume.


The storage building is filled using either a Tripper Conveyor or reversing shuttle conveyor in the roof of the A-Frame, reclaim can be done by one or more TubeFeeders®. If using two TubeFeeders® for redundancy, each TubeFeeder® can be designed to provide 100% of the required capacity for the plant.


The TubeFeeder ® is well suited for processes that require a high level of accuracy; it offers a superior solution for industries that place exacting demands on efficiency and performance of their materials handling processes.

Typical Storage Volumes

5000 - 30,000m3 per building


Reclaim Rates

50 - 500m3/hr - higher rates achievable


Reclaim Technology



Typical Materials

  • Virgin Wood Chips
  • Recycled Wood Chips