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Innovative solutions for Bulk Materials handling and Biomass Combustion
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Biomass Combustion

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Engineering and Design

All of the machines manufactured by Saxlund International Ltd can be configured to suit the particular application and/or the clients' requirements. Our machines are also frequently used in conjunction with other machines in order to build a system designed to perform a certain task. Also, the wide range of difficult materials that we handle mean that our engineers must design accordingly, whilst always obeying a wide range of Saxlund design parameters that must be strictly adhered to especially when handling such bulk solids. All of this means that we nearly always design and construct Bespoke Systems.

Engineering Design Technology

With a number of patents and licences, we can offer well proven and economic solutions for trouble free material flow. The high quality of a Saxlund International installation is a result of the sum of its components, and of course of the knowledge of all their engineers.


Our Design Engineers use the latest AutoCAD and AutoDESK Inventor Design Software and complex plant designs can be develop in 3D where required.


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  • Over 80 UK contracts completed
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