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TubeFeeder® Discharger

Continuous reclaim of bulk materials from rectangular bunkers,  large-diameter silos and open-to-air stockpiles.


The patented TubeFeeder® consists of an open screw conveyor housed inside a rotating tube. The tube is perforated with a regular slot pattern permitting 'activated' material to fall on to the screw conveyor thereby eliminating the external static material pressure on the screw and presenting a uniform feed to the screw.


The TubeFeeder ® is designed to provide continuous, high-volume reclamation of bulk materials.

The system is energy efficient, consuming as little as 25% of the power needed for traditional
exposed screw reclaimers. It also provides for gentle handling of the materials and can be installed in flat-bottomed bunkers and silos with large spans and diameters, in addition to open-air stockpiles.
The TubeFeeder ® is well suited for processes that require a high level of accuracy; it offers a superior solution for industries that place exacting demands on efficiency and performance of their materials handling processes.


Working Principle

  • Feeds along the entire length as the tube rotates.
  • Material is fed through special toothed slots when the tube rotates.
  • Material bridges over the slots when not in operation.
  • Tube activates a layer of material around the tube when rotating.
  • Thus the Tube floats virtually subject only to radial forces since the head load is eliminated.
  • The screw inside the tube conveys material to the end where it is collect by a belt conveyor.
  • In rectangular bunkers, the unit is supported at both ends by electric-driven trolleys on rails.
  • The reclaim rate is almost proportional to tube rotation speed and can be accurately adjusted.
  • The longitudinal TF reverses its direction of rotation according to travel direction to prevent foreign objects from wedging between the tube and floor. Any foreign object will then be safely pushed to one end for clearance later.


This is a typical application for our TubeFeeder


Controlled feed of non-free flowing materials


Typical Discharge Rate

  • Up to 400m3/hr (with a 4:1 turndown)


Standard sizes:-

  • Linear: - 14m working section
  • Radial:- 19m working diameter



  • Energy consumption typically 25% of conventional travelling or sweeping open screw
  • Consequently – low energy consumption = low wear on components = long design life.
  • Homogenous even feed through slots along the whole tube length
  • Full section reclaim evens out material quality (moisture or size) variations
  • Creates “mass flow” with ‘first in, first out’ pile handling
  • No axial forces – “closed force system” between auger and tube
  • No jamming of material against floor.
  • Static material head load eliminated due to tube action in pile section
  • Low wear - tube undercuts material, so is not subject to full head load.
    Thus friction against the tube is low, resulting in low energy requirement
  • Proven technology with many references


Typical Materials

  • Hacked wood chips
  • Re-cycled chips
  • Sawdust
  • RDF


Typical Applications

  • Biomass power station fuel feed store
  • Particle board industry raw material store



  • Board
  • Paper
  • Biomass energy
  • Pellet plant