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Saxlund Solids Pump

Piston Pump Technology for Sludge Cake Pumping

The Solids Pumps from Saxlund International have been reliably conveying all types of sludge cake for many years. Transporting sludge cake in closed systems keeps it separate from its surroundings and the environment. Unpleasant odours are now a thing of the past. Even problem sludge cakes can be pumped without risk.


Our many years of experience are your guarantee of maximum reliability - even when pumping over long distances 24 hours a day.




Designed for non-free flowing materials


Typical Discharge Rate

4 - 50m³ / hr

Pumping Pressures

Up to 100 bar


  • Cost-effective modular system
  • Up to 45% dry solids
  • Vertical or horizontal versions as required
  • Hydraulic seals means lower wear
  • Foreign parts up to 200mm
  • Optional pump arrangements give compact design
  • Wear indicator
  • Easily extended by adding extra pump units in parallel
  • Valves easily exchanged due to top-entry design
  • Upstream twin-shaft screw for optimum filling ratio


Typical Materials

Sludge Cake


Typical Applications

Pumping sludge cake into storage

Pumping into incinerator



Waste Water