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SAX-TDS - Trailer Docking Station

MOving Floor Trailer Docking Station for Reception of Biomass Fuels


The SAX-TDS is designed to allow Moving Floor trailers to reverse, dock into the system and discharge materials without spillage into a conveying system. The SAX-TDS utilises screw conveyors to meter the material as it is removed from the trailer and discharge into a chain or belt conveyor for transportation onto the next process.


The SAX-TDS is supplied complete with a roller shutter door, inflatable wall seal and an integrated dust filter to minimise leaks into the environment.


As an option the SAX-TDS can also be supplied with an optional hydraulic power pack to provide motive power to a walking floor trailer, which can then be used to discharge the material into the process when required, thus using the trailer as a small storage silo.


Walking floor Reception System


Intake Rate

10 - 300m³/hr



  • Self Contained
  • Minimises spillage
  • Fully enclosed for dust control
  • High throughput
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption


Typical Materials

  • Virgin Wood Chips
  • Recycled Wood Chips
  • RDF / SRF
  • Wood Pellets
  • Bark
  • ProFuel
  • MBM - Meat & Bone Meal