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Hydraulic Rotor Discharger

Rotary Discharger for Flat Bottom Circular Silos:



This discharger creates ‘mass flow’ for non free-flowing and difficult to handle materials on a ‘first in, first out’ basis.


Operating sequence:

Rotating machine promotes material flow from silos and into metering screw(s). When a bridge (in the silo is detected) by sensors in the fall chute, the Rotor begins to turn in the stored material (0.5-3/min) on its mechanical drive.


After 30s delay, the Hydraulic Rotor Arms begin to drive out cutting their way through the material towards the silo wall and undermine any bridges causing collapse. The Arms then return to their rest position.


This action causes the column of material in the silo to be broken down and mass flow.

If the resistance of the material is temporarily greater than the set working pressure, the rotor arms, due to the pressure limit valve, give way and adjust to suit.



Controlled feed of non-free flowing materials


Typical Diameters

  • To suit silos up to 8m



  • Starting torque remains low as rotor arms in folded in - low power consumption.
  • Hydraulic arms driven out as required to prevent bridges
  • Arms return to rest position when not required - less power consumption
  • Working pressure of arm activation is adjustable outside silo
  • Low maintenance of parts inside silo - no special hooks
  • High reliability
  • Creates “mass flow” of material in silo
  • Minimum power = low forces = low wear = low maintenance


Typical Materials

  • Saw dust
  • Woodchip

Typical Applications
  • Hacked wood chip storage
  • Sawdust storage



  • Alternative energy
  • Timber processing
  • Chipboard industries