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Biomass Combustion

Biomass Combustion

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Biomass Combustion Technology


Today's plant for the conversion of biomass fuel into energy should be designed to meet the stringent technical, environmental and financial demands of tomorrow. At Saxlund we have this knowledge and we utilise a number of patents within our system design.

Since the combustion chamber is the heart of any energy system, Saxlund International has applied many years of experience along with sophisticated research and development to produce  the most efficient and environmentally friendly combustion system available today.

Because a biomass combustion system relies upon its fuel feeding and other auxiliary systems, Saxlund International is able to supply high quality bulk material handling fuel and ash systems that have a proven track record the world over.



Reliable and modulating outputs are available in hot gas, hot water, steam or thermal oil or any combination from 2 - 50 MWth capacity. Biomass from wet bark through to dry wood dust is used as the fuel type. Emission levels are achieved to meet the most stringent EU legislation.

Combustion Capacity


3MWth - 50MWth



  • 50 Years of experience
  • Wide fuel flexibility
  • Moisture content up to 60%.
  • High reliability
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Low LCC (Life Cycle Cost)


Types of boiler output

  • Hot water boiler
  • Steam boiler
  • Thermal oil boiler
  • Flue gas dryer
  • Combination of the above