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Waste Water Industry

Waste Water Handling SystemsSaxlund International flat bottom silo technology is in demand for many difficult and sticky bulk solid materials. This of course includes de-watered sludge cake in the water industry (sludge handling).

At Saxlund we have this knowledge and we utilise a number of patents within our system design.









Storage Silo with Sliding Frame Discahrge - Farnham STW


Sludge Cake Silo

The Thames Water Trident Alliance chose Saxlund International to supply this prestigious and unusual limed sludge cake handling system at their Farnham site.


Truck Loading Storage Silo with Sliding Frame Discharger - Scarborough STW


Sludge Cake Truck Loadin Silo

Saxlund International Ltd won the contract to supply this truck loading silo for Scarborough Sewage Treatment Works. The de-watered cake is pumped into the top of the silo and Saxlund’s Sliding Frame technology is used to discharge at 80m³/h into trucks.


Limed Sewage Sludge Cake Storage and Lorry Loading System - Avonmouth


Digested and limed sewage sludge cake. Both silos are equipped with the Saxlund Sliding Frame discharge machine with discharge screw.


Truck Reception Silo - Budd's Farm STC


The purpose of this plant is to receive de-watered sewage sludge cake into the Budd’s Farm Sludge Treatment Centre from its satellite works for onward treatment

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 50 years' experience
  • ISO9001 certified Company
  • Complete Service from design through to manufacture and "after-sales" support
  • Established network of agencies worldwide to offer service and assistance Sliding Frame, Push Floor and TubefeederTM designs
  • Worldwide leading patented technology
  • Technical design using the latest Project Management tools and Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD software