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Plant Reports - BioEnergy

BioEnergy PlantsToday's plant for the conversion of biomass fuel into energy should be designed to meet the stringent technical,environmental and financial demands of tomorrow. At Saxlund we have this knowledge and we utilise a number of patents within our system design.






Skara Energy 8MWth

The BioEnergy Plant supplied at Skara Energy was installed as part of an expansion to the district heating network.


Dalkia- 16MW Hot Water

Dalkia Hot Water

The plant supplies hot water to Setra sawmill kilns and provision has been made for later installation of a flue gas condensor for district heating.


Nässjö - 12MW Hot Water

The facility at Nässjö Affärsverk was installed to provide the summer heating requirements and meet the additonal winter load with the use of the existing facility.


Norraskogsägarna - 10m Hot Water

Hot Water Biomass Plant

The facility supplied for Northern Forest in Savar provide hot water for wood kilns. This plant is fitted with a flue gas condenser for future expansion.


Swedwood, polen - 3MW Thermal Oil, 2MW Steam

Swedwood BioEnergy Plant

The BioEnergy plant at Swedwood was installed to take advantage of residual waste from board production.


Rexcell 9MW Steam

WID Compliant BioEnergy plant

The system provided at Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid's Skåpafors plant was installed to facilitate a move away from energy sources such as oil and electricity. The boiler feed mix is of wood chips and paper sludge. The co-firing plant was supplied in compliance with the requirements of WID Directive.

Combustion Capacity


3MWth - 50MWth



  • 50 Years of experience
  • Wide fuel flexibility
  • Moisture content up to 60%.
  • High reliability
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Low LCC (Life Cycle Cost)


Types of boiler output

  • Hot water boiler
  • Steam boiler
  • Thermal oil boiler
  • Flue gas dryer
  • Combination of the above