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Aug 30, 2016

RWM - Don’t let bulk materials handling systems compromise plant performance - explains Saxlund International

Bulk Materials Handling solutions for Biomass, Alternative Fuels, Energy from Waste and Sewage Sludge - RWM 2016 - Stand 4B49

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Posted by: GSPR

Bulk Materials Handling solutions for Biomass, Alternative Fuels, Energy from Waste and Sewage Sludge - RWM 2016 - Stand 4B49


Southampton, 30 August 2016: BioEnergy and bulk materials handling specialist Saxlund International will be outlining the latest innovations in fully automated ‘first in, first out’ bulk storage and discharge solutions for a range of challenging bulk solid materials from biomass and wood chip, to waste derived fuels and sewage sludge.


The company, which is currently supplying the fuel storage and discharge solutions to 13 of the 25 waste to energy and gasification power plants currently in design and construction in the UK alone, will also be explaining why early design engagement for the materials handling aspects of many waste to energy projects has a direct bearing on long term plant efficiency.


Projects highlighted include Surrey County Council’s Eco Park, under construction at Charlton Lane, where lead contractor M+W Group has selected Saxlund for the RDF storage and discharge solution to feed a new gasification facility.


Others include Bouygues Energies & Services, the company responsible for the engineering and construction of the UK’s largest waste-to-energy gasification plant currently underway at Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, which has also selected Saxlund to provide the critical Push Floor fuel storage and discharge bunkers.  And Babcock & Wilcox Vølund has selected Saxlund fuel handling and storage for three biomass power stations located at Templeborough in Sheffield, Port Clarence in Teesside and Margam in South Wales.



According to Managing Director Matt Drew: “A 60 year history in delivering successful bulk material handling solutions combined with leading Push Floor, Sliding Frame and TubeFeeder technology are key reasons clients chose and specify Saxlund solutions. But equally it is the quality of the pre-engineering information and pre-control work in developing a viable solution - one that delivers the lowest cost of ownership during the lifetime of the plant - that truly makes the difference and sets Saxlund’s materials handling technology apart.”


The company will also be discussing the issues and solutions for the water industry, another core market for Saxlund, where sewage sludge handling and truck loading silos are increasingly important, particularly for satellite sewage plants transporting sludge cake to central sites for processing and energy conversion. The focus here is on overhead circular silos with reciprocating Sliding Frame discharge solutions to deliver resilient, low maintenance energy efficient solutions.