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Mar 24, 2015

Saxlund & Axis Industries announce new joint biomass combustion projects totalling 78m Euros

Following their strategic partnership, biomass combustion and bulk materials handling firm Saxlund International, together with Axis Industries have announced two new biomass combustion projects to deliver combined heat and power (CHP) for customers in Estonia and Lithuania valued at 78m Euros.
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Posted by: janecross
Under the agreement, Axis Industries will be responsible for full turnkey project delivery covering design, installation and commissioning and incorporating licenced technology from Saxlund International including furnaces, turbines and materials handling, together with flue gas condensation and cleaning.
The first project for Danpower Baltic, a joint venture between Danpower GmbH and Geco Investicijos, will provide a 5 MW electric CHP, burning wood chip from renewable timber, to provide electricity and heat to the municipality of Kaunas in Lithuania. 
At Tallinn in Estonia, a larger project for energy company Utilitas will deliver a 21.4 MW electric CHP burning both virgin wood chip mixed with up to 30% peat. The new power station will deliver some 20% of all heat demand to Tallinn municipality, as well as power to the grid, and incorporates three Saxlund 25 MW thermal furnaces. Both projects are due to be commissioned in 2016 with an expected return on investment in five years.
According to Matt Drew, Managing Director of Saxlund International: "These new joint energy projects are a clear endorsement of the relationship we have with Axis Industries and the one-stop-shop capability we can now bring to biomass combustion solutions across Europe. With a strong reputation in the biomass energy sector, Axis will continue to licence Saxlund technology, bringing new opportunities in European markets.”
As Lithuania's largest and one of the leading European engineering companies, Axis Industries has over 20 years’ experience in large scale alternative energy projects. According to Remigijus Baltrušaitis, CEO of Axis Industries: “The ambitious project in Tallin will further strengthen our position in the Baltic market. It is already ninth biomass energy project within two years in export markets of Latvia, Sweden, Russia and Belarus”.