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Apr 22, 2013

New contract award in Waste Water

Saxlund wins materials handling order for the Käppala wastewater treatment plant in Lidingö, Stockholm.
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Posted by: mattdrew

Saxlund Bioenergy AB, a subsidiary of Opcon, the energy and environmental technology Group, has won an order for its innovative and well-tested sludge handling equipment for delivery to the wastewater treatment plant operated by the Käppala Association in Lidingö, Stockholm. The customer is Goodtech Environment AB, which is responsible for a major delivery to the Käppala plant. Goodtech Environment AB is part of the listed Norwegian technology Goodtech group, which has around 1,400 employees and is a regular customer. The order is worth around SEK 10 million for Saxlund with delivery planned for 2013.

The new sludge handling system was designed using the new Sludge To Truck concept, in which Saxlund’s sliding frame is a key component. This system provides a better working environment, improved logistics for transports, simpler handling, lower energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs. The delivery also includes five sludge silos with a total gross volume of 700 cubic metres equipped with the original Saxlund sliding frame. This concept is the same one used by Saxlund in the UK in its deliveries to Anglian Water, the UK’s largest water and wastewater company. To date Saxlund has received orders from Anglian for deliveries to five treatment plants.

The Käppala Association treats wastewater from more than half a million people in eleven municipalities in the north and east of Stockholm. The Käppala plant is one of the world’s most efficient treatment plants. It recovers nutrients and energy in wastewater and returns sludge and biogas into the eco-cycle.

“Saxlund has around 60 years of experience mainly in biomass, recycling and treatment of wastewater. With extensive operations in Germany, the UK and Sweden, and around 90 employees, we can offer innovative and well-tested solutions within most applications. Our breadth, size and international presence ensures that our wastewater customers in Sweden can benefit from the lessons we learn on the continent,” says Stefan Wallerman, CEO of Saxlund Bioenergy AB.

Saxlund and SRE are leading bioenergy brands and a part of Opcon’s Renewable Energy business area and its Waste To Value initiative with a special focus on Waste Heat Recovery and bioenergy. Within the bioenergy sector, Opcon offers everything from the design of complete combined heat and power (CHP) plants to handling systems and incineration plants under the Saxlund brand. Under the SRE brand, systems are supplied for treatment and improved energy efficiency for bioenergy-powered district heating plants, sawmills, pellets producers and commercial greenhouses. The offer also includes flue gas condensation equipment for industrial activities. The Opcon Group also supplies Opcon Powerbox for production of green electricity produced from hot water or wet steam.

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The Opcon Group
Opcon is an energy and environmental technology Group that develops, produces and markets systems and products for eco-friendly, efficient and resource-effective use of energy.
Opcon has activities in Sweden, Germany and the UK. There are around 150 employees. The company’s shares are listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm. The Group comprises one business area:
Renewable Energy focuses on the following areas: electricity generation based on waste heat, bioenergy-powered heating and CHP plants, pellets plants, handling systems for biomass, sludge and natural gas, industrial cooling, flue gas condensation, treatment of flue gases and air systems for fuel cells.