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Alternative Fuels for Cement

Saxlund International are renowned for the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of innovative materials handling solutions, from concept stage to installation. We also provide comprehensive site services. Our materials handling expertise, honed in the rugged environment of biomass and waste water, has enabled us to provide complete project solutions to this growing industrial sector.


Alternative Fuels Types


We have designed and supplied many systems to handle various types of non free flowing alternative fuels these include, SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel), RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), whole used tyres, chopped tyres, MBM (meat & Bone Meal), waste wood chips, as well as a variety of other chopped or granular combustible waste products.




Reception Systems
The SAX-TDS is designed to allow Walking Floor trailers to reverse, dock into the system and discharge materials without spillage into a conveying system. The SAX-TDS utilises screw conveyors to meter the material as it is removed from the trailer and discharge into a chain or belt conveyor for transportation onto the next process.


The SAX-TDS is supplied complete with a roller shutter door and an integrated dust filter to minimise leaks into the environment.

Screening Systems

Star Screens are primarily designed to handle pre-shredded or pre-screened waste. Typically, the waste material will already have passed through a shredder or a primary screen such as a Trommel, Finger Screen or Taper Slot Screen.

From a basic Star Screen for integration in to an existing line, to a complete turn key solution. Saxlund offer a British designed and manufactured solution.

Storage Systems

Saxlund have over the years delivered many storage systems for non-free flowing materials. With our industry leading Sliding Frame for round silos and our Push Floors for rectangular silos we can handle almost any difficult to handle material.

Reclaim & Feed Conveyors

As part of our product portfolio, Saxlund are able to deliver complete systems using some or all of the following conveying technologies-


Twin Strand Scraper Chain Conveyors


Designed for dust free conveying for short and long distances up to 45 degree incline.

Enmass Chain Conveyors

Designed for dust free conveying for short and long distances up to 90 degree incline.

Screw conveyors


Designed for dust free conveying for short distances up to 45 degree incline.



Weighing & Dosing Systems

High accuracy weighing and dosing systems to feed the required amount of fuel to the kiln, each system customised for each application with reliable accuracy of +/- 0.5%. large intermediate hopper with discharge device to handle the most difficult of products.


Cement Projects

Ribblesdales Tyre Chip Handling Plant
In 2002 Saxlund International Ltd supplied a tyre chip truck reception bunker equipped with the SAXLUND Push Floor discharge machine at the existing Ribblesdale Tyre Chip Handling Plant. The Push Floor discharges the tyre chips to our metering belt conveyor with scalping drum and belt weighing system. This conveys the material in a metered fashion from the bunker to the Bucket Elevator.