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Biomass Combustion

Biomass Combustion

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Biogas Industry

The term biomass can be applied to a multiplicity of organic materials, although a distinction is made between solid and liquid bioenergy sources.

While the notion of waste management was once in the foreground of plant design concepts, today the perception of energy utilization has moved into the focal point of the development.

An increased use of biomass for energy production reduces the emissions of greenhouse gases and reduces dependence on fossil fuels, like coal, natural gas or petroleum. More than with any other energy resource, the biomass demands according to the national power supply guarantee, the protection of the environment, and economic efficiency are all simultaneously fulfilled.

Our leading system for this market is the compact Push Floor hopper.

Biogas Projects


Borsteler Bioenergie

Silo with push floor discharge unit, capacity 80 m³ gross and conveying screws for feeding of 2 digester.



SAXLUND International GmbH supplied a storage silo with Push Floor discharge system and the following conveyor line until fermentation unit for the 3 MW-NAWARO – Biomass plant of “Hoogen Bioenergie GmbH & Co. KG“.

St. Veit (A)
Silo with push floor discharge unit, capacity 260 m³ gross and complete conveying technology.