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Waste to Energy is Ready for Solid Investment in the UK?

The ever increasing debate around waste to energy vs historical landfill has been with us for several years. Governments around the world are focused on reducing the environmental impact that increased energy consumption creates.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural affairs (Defra) quoted in their energy from waste guide in 2014:

Waste to energy has a poor historical image in the UK. Northern Europe is clearly ahead of the UK, but with the right technology, planning and people, we have all the opportunities to create a world class solution.

Waste to Energy – Risk vs Investment

WMW (Waste Management World) asked industry insiders for their thoughts on how projects can best secure finance. Saxlund International’s managing director Matt Drew shared his thoughts on where he thinks investors are digging their heels when it comes to creating the right environment for investment, read more here…

Industry investors are rarely “early adopters” of new technology, preferring proven technology that has historical proof.

Matt Drew says: It’s not that investors aren’t hungry to invest. We talk to almost as many investors as we do project owners. We know what works and what goes wrong.

Waste to Energy – Financing

Financing of energy from waste projects can be difficult with financial institutions, local authorities and waste companies all seeking to minimise their risks. This often leads to a reliance on long term contracts and steers projects towards proven technologies and companies, making it difficult for small companies or innovative technologies to break in.

Matt Drew says: The selected procurement method is important too.  EPC contracts ‘Engineer, Procure, Construct’ are popular because there is one “butt to kick” if things go wrong. Other contracting routes are available, which apportion risk over a number of parties and add construction management services to consult and advise. The benefits are lower costs, better process control, stronger collaboration and better results.

Waste to Energy the Growth of an Industry

The waste-to-energy market is set to grow at a rapid rate over the coming decade. The waste management industry’s rising goals for improved practices combined with the search for alternative energy sources are bringing transformational change to the waste to energy marketplace and opening up a new landscape of opportunities for waste conversion technologies and projects.

Saxlund International has over 50 years’ experience providing innovative solutions for Bulk Materials handling and Biomass Combustion. Using worldwide leading patented technology and practical experience in handling major projects, the company has constructed more than 3500 plants worldwide, all of which set new standards in terms of their technical performance and reliability. Indeed, a reputation has been established during this period for supplying solid and reliable equipment that performs as designed.

Matt Drew says: “We have experience of working for all of the major UK utilities and also working as part of a team collaborating directly with the end client on complex projects. As a UK contractor, we are also experienced working on NAECI Blue Book sites for major projects.

Is Waste to Energy Technology Ready for Solid Investment in the UK?

Saxlund International has the technology and infrastructure in place with a proven track record of sustainable growth in energy produced through waste to energy technology. Creating a reduced cost environment through combined solutions that give investors the confidence to finance the projects.

Contact Saxlund today on +44 (0) 2380 636330 for a solid solution that attracts the right investment.