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A Swedish lesson for successful CHP – can you benefit?

Small-scale biomass fired CHP offers a real opportunity for UK Energy needs and other parts of Europe too. Especially when it comes to using waste wood, forest residues and other solid recovered fuels.

One year in a new CHP plant in Sweden, operated by energy company Falbygdens Energi, shows what can be successfully achieved in the sub 5MW energy range. Performance testing has been extremely positive with some 80 GWh of heating and 16 GWh of electricity in the first year alone.  And it’s extremely efficient.

Plants at this size are also quick to realise – just 18 months from drawing board to commissioning – making projects at this scale significantly attractive to investors.

Interestingly the plant uses hot oil Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology for electricity production, rather than high pressure steam, which means engineering costs can also be reduced – another benefit.

For on-site industrial heat centres as well as some energy producers we believe CHP at this scale has significant potential. The technology is tried and tested too. For more on experiences at Falbygdens Energi read on…