New Wet steam turbine technology delivers carbon-free electricity

We’re announcing a new, wet steam turbine (WST), power solution, designed by our sister company Opcon Energy Systems, to produce up to 6,000MWh of emission-free electricity per year from waste saturated or superheated steam.

This means we can produce between 200kW – 800kW of electricity  from low grade steam with the new Opcon Powerbox Wet Steam Turbine, just not possible in a traditional steam turbine.New Powerbox wet steam turbine generates 200kW – 800kW energy

Do you currently discharge excess steam to the environment?

If you’re in a process industry such as chemical, pharmaceutical, refining, steel, cement or food or if you’re a medium size power generator read on to see how you can capitalise on waste heat to drive efficiencies and savings.

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