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Here at Saxlund, we thrive on being at the forefront of the bulk solids handling and storage industry. Our dedicated team of professionals are constantly developing new machinery and components, to ensure we give you the customer the best quality possible and keep Saxlund the industry standard.

Over the last 50 years our group  have had constant demand from companies worldwide. We offer a complete solution - bespoke design, construction, commissioning and comprehensive "after-sales" support.

Our specialist knowledge, with particular expertise in flat bottom silo and bunker, can be applied to bulk materials and alternative energy solutions for industries including Cement, BioEnergy, Wastewater and Energy from Waste.

BioEnergy and Materials Handling Blog

Converting Sewage sludge to energy in the waste water industry


Technological innovation is completely changing how the industry deals with sewage sludge and advanced digestion schemes to improve processing efficiency and convert sludge to energy are now commonplace. Many companies still use bucket loaders for part of the operation, but there is a growing requirement for robust bulk material handling solutions that deal with a […]

New Wet steam turbine technology delivers carbon-free electricity


We’re announcing a new, wet steam turbine (WST), power solution, designed by our sister company Opcon Energy Systems, to produce up to 6,000MWh of emission-free electricity per year from waste saturated or superheated steam. This means we can produce between 200kW – 800kW of electricity  from low grade steam with the new Opcon Powerbox Wet Steam Turbine, just […]

A Swedish lesson for successful CHP – can you benefit?


Small-scale biomass fired CHP offers a real opportunity for UK Energy needs and other parts of Europe too. Especially when it comes to using waste wood, forest residues and other solid recovered fuels. One year in a new CHP plant in Sweden, operated by energy company Falbygdens Energi, shows what can be successfully achieved in […]

SRF facility gets environmental permit


Waste management company SITA UK has been given an environmental permit for its planned Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) manufacturing facility in Rugby, central England. On 10 June, the environment agency published its draft decision to award the permit to the facility, currently under construction, at a site called Malpass Farm. A final decision will be issued […]

Mar 24, 2015
Category: Company News
Following their strategic partnership, biomass combustion and bulk materials handling firm Saxlund International, together with Axis Industries have announced two new biomass combustion projects to deliver combined heat and power (CHP) for customers in Estonia and Lithuania valued at 78m Euros.
Mar 23, 2015
Category: Product News
Saxlund International, a leader in biomass combustion and energy from waste (EfW) and part of the Opcon energy and environmental group, will market and support a new, wet steam turbine (WST), power solution designed to produce emission-free electricity from saturated or superheated steam.